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HEPA Air Purifier Air Cleaner personaltype

Short Description:

It HEPA new generation air purfier air cleaner with Air Pretreatment System Eliminate Smoke, Pollen, Dander for Home, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen

atmosphere light:

when the filter need to change, the red indicator will light on to remind.

Speed function:


With sleep mode.


with Fragrance box

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Protect Your Health: Our HEPA air purifier has an efficient filtration system that is powerful enough to capture pollen, smoke, odors and pet dander. It can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns and PM 2.5, it can make air circulate 5 times in 30 minutes in an indoor environment of 215 square feet (20 cubic meters).

Air Pretreatment System: We clearly understand your concerns, and we have conducted countless experiments on our air pretreatment system.

Through experiments, we found that as long as the ultraviolet wavelength is greater than 200nm, no harmful substances will be produced.

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Pay Less Electricity Bills: In consideration of saving energy and reducing electricity bills, our purifier has a timing function and a wind speed adjustment function. You can decide at what speed and how long the purifier runs according to your own ideas, greatly reducing your electricity bills.

Quietly Purify the Air You Breathe:

The night light can be turned ON/OFF via click the button. Cleans your air and lights up your path. Great for a nightstand in bedroom or on a side table.

You can breathe in the benefits undisturbed as you sleep.

Air purifier

Product size:160mm *171mm * 247mm

Speeds: 4 speeds selection

Timer: 1/4/8 hours

Wind Mode: 4 wind modes: high, medium, low, sleep

Remote: No

Touch switch control: Power, Fan speed, Timer, Sleep Mode, Filter Replacement indicator, Light.

Light:Ambient Light Display

Fragrance box: Yes(can add essential oil)

Usage:Indoor air sterilazation, Deodorizing, Airfreshening, H13 filter, Sleep mode

Cable or plug: AC power cable input

AC or DC: AC



Model KN-6391
Production size Φ160*247(mm)
Carton suzw 57.3X38.7X30.4cm (6pcs/ctn)
Rpm High Speed:2800rpm
Medium Speed: 2000rpm
Low Speed: 1200 Rpm
Sleep Speed: 800Rpm
Power Max 19W


Smart panel, easy to handle

With Fragrance box, can change the smell which u want

With HP13 fliter, easy to change

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