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China’s core, deepening education | light gold Wright silicon leds industrialization cooperation process

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Mr. Wang Guangxu (Doctor), director of the National Center, and Mr. Chen Haichuan, general manager of Yuming Stock, explained the technical key points and industry trends of silicon-based LED, and took you to visit the production workshop of silicon-based LED chips, and shared some successful cases

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Silicon-based yellow LED can be widely used in outdoor functional lighting, landscape lighting, health lighting and other subsectors. Academician Jiang Fengyi of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made pioneering, systematic and creative achievements in the direction of gallium nitride LED. He LED his team to take the lead in the international development of silicon based blue, green and yellow LED materials and chips with high optical efficiency, and won the first prize of the National Technology Invention Award.

In the early stage, through the cooperation with “National Silicon-based LED Engineering Technology Research Center” and Yuming Stock, the company has successively integrated silicon-based LED technology into the newly developed educational lighting products, aiming to create a healthy and comfortable lighting environment for users. This time, we will further apply silicon-based LED technology to the company’s existing lighting products and the new project of Yimei phototherapy products, inject new upgrades to the company’s products, provide customers with products with stronger functionality and better experience, and quickly realize the production of scientific research results!

This time, all parties also discussed the industrialization direction and process of deep-digging silicon-based LED technology. Everyone agreed on the concept and strategy of “more light and less heat”, which mainly involved the following three directions:

1. The performance of silicon-based LED technology products should be continuously optimized to achieve more light and less heat;

Second, team members should be positive in thinking, action to do more contribution (more light), less complaint (less heat);

3. Team members should unify their thoughts and actions, concentrate on making breakthroughs project by project, do more practical work, and avoid individual hot-headed innovation by all means.

Subsequently, Academician Jiang Fengyi of Chinese Academy of Sciences had a cordial conversation with the management team of the company and Yuming Stock. Academician Jiang fully recognized the achievements of the cooperation with Kinwright and Yuming Stock in the early stage. The cooperation between the parties will quickly bring silica-based LED technology to the market and lead the development of the lighting industry.

Through this in-depth communication, the in-depth strengthening of the parties in silicon-based LED industrialization cooperation process, Kinwright will give full play to the strong advantages in production and manufacturing and supply chain resources, the connection of research and development team to promote the promotion of technical materials, truly achieve the production, learning, research and use of win-win cooperation mode!

Post time: Aug-17-2022