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Xiaosong (KENNEDE) won the 31st place in the top 100 lighting companies in China’s LED industry in 2021 and the top 50 companies by revenue

As an outstanding enterprise in the lighting industry, Xiaosong Shares (formerly Kinwright) has always attached importance to and adhered to independent innovation, constantly enhanced its core competitiveness, and made important breakthroughs in the field of lighting.

Recently, the company won the 2021 annual Top 50 LED industry revenue and 2021 China LED lighting industry Top 100 list ranked 31st.


In the future, Xiaosong Shares will continue to adhere to the concept of continuous innovation and dare to try, deeply cultivate customer demand, and launch more competitive products. We will continue to strengthen our innovation ability and improve our brand influence and market share with more high-quality products

Post time: Aug-17-2022